50993 Interior Detailing Accessories Kit

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  • The interior detailing accessories kit removes all surface dust around vents and dashes and can reach places traditional microfiber cloths can't
  • Dust magnet mitt's plush fibers pick up and lock in dirt to easily clean vents, dashboards and more
  • Streak-free glass cleaning mitt is made of plush microfiber materials for a streak-free finish
  • Ergonomic mitts fit most and hands and provide convenient storage
  • Includes 1 dust magnet mitt and 1 streak-free glass cleaning mitt

50993 Interior Detailing Accessories Kit


Detailing Accessories Kit, Interior Detailer, Interior Detailer + Microfiber Towels

  1. (verified owner)

    Works very well and smells great.

  2. (verified owner)

    I used this on my car and it looked great for the first couple of days, but very quickly faded and my interior doesn’t look any better or worse than when I used it, not sure what this product is supposed to do. Whatever it is, it didn’t do anything, and I’m certainly not going to be the re-applying game

  3. (verified owner)

    works the best

  4. (verified owner)

    Love this stuff on my black interior. Never leaves grease marks or white spots.

  5. (verified owner)

    I love this product!

  6. (verified owner)

    Very nice. Used to clean wife’s car and works like a champ

  7. (verified owner)

    Very nice wax. Shiny and long lasting

  8. (verified owner)

    just right better than all the rest i tried

  9. (verified owner)

    Cleans good and leaves it shiny.

  10. (verified owner)

    Have always used this interior cleaner since 2008 it’s changed a bit but more for the better , it’s not greasy and does not leave the surface too shiny to where the glare from the sun bothers your eyes. Also leaves a great smell as well after use

  11. (verified owner)

    Awesome smell, cleans, and leaves just enough shine but not overly glossy.

  12. (verified owner)

    Love this stuff!

  13. (verified owner)

    Warning !warning ::Be careful guys this product is seriously causing health problem when use your car’s interior and your breathing you may experience headache .

  14. (verified owner)

    works great with the included clothes. no smell either. would highly recommend to clean up dashboards and even leather!!!

  15. (verified owner)

    cleans well. smells clean

  16. (verified owner)

    High quality stuff. Leaves no spots and just works, leaving the panels and leather looking great.Only downside is that they don’t sell these in higher quantities, such as a gallon variant.

  17. (verified owner)

    Cleans well, and it doesn’t feel greasy but leaves a nice shiny finish

  18. (verified owner)

    Love this product. Have used it in all of our cars. Works great and smells amazing!

  19. (verified owner)

    Smella great.

  20. (verified owner)

    I have used it only once, it smells good and pleasant.

  21. (verified owner)

    really pleased with product. cleans, shines without oily residue.

  22. (verified owner)

    Good quality! I loved it after first use!

  23. (verified owner)

    Makes my interior shine, has a pleasant scent, and the microfiber towels work perfect. Will buy again.

  24. (verified owner)

    Fair job of cleaning leather. Left some dirt on first try. Needs to be used multiple times.

  25. (verified owner)

    My favorite interior cleaner! Only thing I wish was different was it had foaming action

  26. (verified owner)

    Hard to find any more product gives good protection without shinny greasy look or feel

  27. (verified owner)

    Great product for your car’s interior.

  28. (verified owner)

    This item is awesome

  29. (verified owner)

    I’ve used Turtle Wax Ice interior cleaner in my vehicles for years now. Love the non-shiny look and clean smell. I couldn’t find the liquid like I used to have (it was several years old) so went with this spray and it works just as good.

  30. (verified owner)

    I love this stuff. Cleans and makes the interior look great without that shiny slippery feel. This is the only thing o use for the interior of my car.

  31. (verified owner)


  32. (verified owner)

    This product makes cleaning inside the car super easy. It smells decent too. I like that it doesn’t make the surfaces slick or shiny.

  33. (verified owner)

    This is the best cleaner I’ve ever tried. I use it for my dashboard and inside door panels and it is phenomenal. I like that it doesn’t leave the dashboard shiny, it leaves a clean matte finish.

  34. (verified owner)

    Favorite product for car. Clean scent,definitely not greasy. Protects very well

  35. (verified owner)

    Does the job. Smells really good. That’s a plus.

  36. (verified owner)

    It didn’t really clean that well. It smells good though

  37. (verified owner)

    Leaves your interior clean with a slight shine and no oily feel , for me perfect!

  38. (verified owner)

    Works great, leaves shine, smells good.

  39. (verified owner)

    Love this interior detailing spray. Clean non greasy detail spray that leaves a small amount of shine, no greasy surface attracting dust and dirt. I like it more than any other interior detailing spray

  40. (verified owner)

    Been using this for several years and love the cleaning power and the smell. Can’t find it in any of the local stores anymore so its nice that I can still order it on Amazon.

  41. (verified owner)

    I’ve used this product for close to 10 years and I won’t go back to the competition. This product won’t leave your interior greasy like the others. One word of advice, clean with a cleaner/degreaser first and use Ice as a conditioner. The cleaning agents are not very powerful and won’t clean mud or caked on grime.

  42. (verified owner)

    Works great, cleans great. Doesn’t have a overpowering smell. Doesn’t leave a greasy film or look shiny. Can’t complain at all. Would definitely recommend to anyone who wants clean but not greasy.

  43. (verified owner)

    THE BEST interior cleaner I have used by far. Leaves a fresh, yet not overpowering scent.

  44. (verified owner)

    This stuff is amazing. My husband won’t use anything else in our vehicles. It smells so good but for some reason the stores around us don’t carry it anymore. So happy we could find it here!

  45. (verified owner)

    Very expensive..

  46. (verified owner)

    Really depends on your interior material if this stuff is going to be worth a buy or not. I think for interiors with a natural shine to them, this stuff would be fantastic. It made my interior look dry and faded, despite being a new car, i think because my dash material sort of absorbs produce. Its a black interior and after using this the dash had a greyish faded look to it, as it would without produce applied…so i think it does more cleaner than a finish product or dressing. I waited for it to dry thoroughly and applied 303 produce that produced a nice deep black look to my dash. This stuff worked well on the harder cheap plastic materials that are less on display however. Scent is a strange citrus scent, not awful but more chemical scented with citrus notes.Honestly i probably wouldnt buy it again, i like 303 a bit more and i think my dash material needs more of a deep rich saturating dressing than a cleaner with protectants, im looking to a rich deep black color and this stuff did not provide. I think this stuff would be great on an interior with a lot of harder cheap plastics or naturally glossy materials. It worked well on my fake leather chair, by not adding slick grease but did clean and freshen up.

  47. (verified owner)

    I’m beginning to have a serious crisis of faith. First, it was STP oil treatment and related. No idea why we used to put it in the oil, really, but we did. Now that I have an EV, it’s finally clear I don’t need it, and never did.Then we have all the waxes, sealants, ceramics and “glass” coatings. In ascending price. Not to speak of plastic couch covers for your car. Do your own research, but I’m sticking to wax. And in the wax dept, TurtleWax Ice is one of the best for ease, durability and not leaving plastic and rubber with white streaks.So, go figure, I got a bottle of 303 interior “protectant”. That was a useless, streaky and sticky ritual.SO I figured the Turtlewax ICE would be better. And I disregarded warnings about the smell, that was best described by one reviewer as old cigars, chemicals, vomit and a closetful of old suits, I ordered it. The smell description? Right on. Urgh.WHY DO WE DO THIS? At least this “product” can be used to clean. But why would you want to use use grandpa’s discarded underwear to clean anything? And what is this mythical “protection” business? You mean like an offer you can’t refuse? Has anybody really demonstrated any real benefit? This is going back too. I’m sniffing my hands, AFTER washing them. Feh!

  48. (verified owner)

    This stuff is very good. Decent smell but also the cleaning power is superb. After a long winter of nastiness I detailed the inside last weekend with this and it is fantastic. Easy to apply and get out tough stains and marks.

  49. (verified owner)


  50. (verified owner)

    Lol kinda smells like a shampood dog, but it cleans well 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️

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