Toxin Buster – Natural Safe Effective Daily Detox Charcoal (100 Capusles) - 100 Capusles

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  • Calms and conditions the gut – settles tummy upset
  • Removes gas and bloating, wind and wind pain
  • Reduces bowel irritation and headaches
  • Reduces acidity and acid reflux
  • Reduces aches and pains in the joints – improves complexion of the skin

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Toxin Buster - Natural Safe Effective Daily Detox Charcoal (100 Capusles)

Toxin Buster - Natural Safe Effective Daily Detox Charcoal (100 Capusles)

Product description

Size:100 Capusles

The naturally active hardwood charcoal in TOXIN BUSTER capsules is probably the world’s most effective digestive aid and daily detox product. It bonds to toxins and intestinal gases in the gut, neutralising them and removing them from the system.

TOXIN BUSTER charcoal has been acclaimed by many sufferers with digestive problems as being ‘an absolute godsend’.

TOXIN BUSTER charcoal is a health food additive which can improve digestion, reduce wind, remove toxins from the system and, as part of a balanced diet, help maintain optimum health.

Charcoal has been used throughout history to settle the digestion and as an antidote to poison.

TOXIN BUSTER charcoal is not a medicine and is not a replacement for prescribed medicines; it is simply an excellent digestive supplement.

Because our food supply is now processed and treated with a range of pesticides and preservatives like never before, it’s essential to have to hand a health food additive which helps rebalance the system.


100 Capusles

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